A picture is worth a thousand words

A video tells the story

tellthestory.ie believes in a new approach to videos and presentations. Our objective is to entertain, to enlighten and to impart a true appreciation of the subject.


Many people have a personal story they want to record or tell.  The wedding video is a very simple example, but typical wedding videos fall very short of a story.  At best, they only achieve a record of the day.


A Very Different Approach



A video from tellthestory.ie will tell the tale of the bride and groom and finishes with the wedding itself.  It can be told in an entertaining way, that friends, relatives and future children will love to watch.  The aim is a video of about 30 minutes, any longer will bore all but the most dedicated audience.


Life Appreciations, Birthdays, Retirements and Anniversaries

Do you know someone who has led an inspiring life, contributed greatly to your life or the lives of others?  You can show your appreciation of what they have done.  There is a wealth of material in photograph albums, old videos, newspaper cuttings and in the memories of family, friends and colleagues, all waiting to be crafted into a wonderful, entertaining, loving story.



Many communities have a rich and wonderful heritage, but it lies hidden and scattered in brochures, books and the minds of a few.  This heritage belongs in the open, where it contributes to the community.  Presenting this information is very challenging and tellthestory.ie excels at meeting a challenge.



Business presentations often fall very short of hitting the target when put together as a PowerPoint presentation.  PowerPoint is easy to use and presentations can be made to look very professional with little experience.  But, many people fall into the trap of producing slides of what they want to say and wonder why the audience’s eyes glaze over as they fail go get the message across.  An opportunity to make a presentation is to be valued and never wasted.  It should be used for maximum impact.


Job Applications, CVs or Projects

In the modern competitive world, it is becoming more difficult to get your true personality, abilities and confidence across in your CV.  tellthestory.ie can help by assembling a brief 3-4 minute video showing your confidence and your abilities with projects you have been associated with.


Audio-visual Presentation and Entertailment

Donal O'Lochlainn has written and presented three audovisual shows centered around his greatest love, Music. These shows are ideal as a fund raiser, a private show at home for a party or as an educational introduction to music.


An Evening with Verdi
The life and music of Giuseppe Verdi

Rodolfo & Lucy
A children’s story as a vehicle to deliver
beautiful Opera Music to the audience



Magical Musical Moments
The use of music in film



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